Alone and Together

Howard Levy – piano, harmonica, hand and foot percussion. All music was recorded from May to September 2008 at Howard’s house (AKA Levyland Studios) in Evanston, IL. Some of the duets were played simultaneously on piano and harmonica, some of them were over-dubbed, with either the piano or the harmonica part recorded first. Some of them are free improvisations, some original compositions, and some interpretations of Jazz standards. Editing was done on some of the tracks. Piano: 1923: Steinway A, action rebuilt by David Graham. Harmonicas: Hohner Marine Bands customized by Joe Filikso, Piano Mics: Sure VP88, 2 Shure KSM 32’s, 2 Shure SM 81’s Harmonica Mics: Sennheiser 441, Cascade Fathead, Beyer Dynamic TG 88, and an EV RE 10 with Fender Blues Junior amp on Blues Dirge and Shuffle

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1. Aguas Quietas
2. Taking a Chance on Love
3. Ruminations
4. Dirge
5. Shuffle mp3
6. One for Dmitri
7. The Nearness of You
8. Funkyharps
9. Birdhead’s Blues
10. Ornette in the A.M.
11. Every Time We Say Goodbye
12. Prelude to a Kiss
13. There is No Greater Love

Producer and engineer-Howard Levy Additional engineering, technical assistance and mixing: Joel Fox (