Out of the Box DVD

1. Corned Beef on Rye in Fm
2. Bb Blues
3. Rhumba Flamenca
4. Abm Funk
5. Raga Fantasy
6. Evanston Tango
7. B in my Bonnet
8. Swingese
9. Bossa in A
10. A Sleeping Fox
11. Suspenders
12. Slow Blues in C

Howard Levy – Harmonica
Chris Siebold – Guitar
Miles Levy – Drums

Out of the Box EP

Produced by Howard Levy and Chris Sampson
Audio Mixed and Mastered by Joel Fox and Howard Levy
Video Editing, DVD Authoring and Design by Chris Sampson
Directed by Otis Maclay

Howard Levy’s long- awaited “Harmonica out of the Box,Vol.1” is finally here! Howard performs and explains 12 new original compositions, each in a different key, all on ONE diatonic harmonica in the Key of C! The music is in many styles- Blues, Jazz, Swing, Tango, Funk, East Indian classical, Klezmer, and Flamenco. Howard plays the tunes and improvises on each one, to the accompaniment of stellar guitarist Chris Siebold, and percussionist Miles Levy. There is an explanation for each piece- how it was written, how to improvise on it, etc. There are lead sheets, as well as mix minus versions of 7 of them. The dvd is a full 90 minutes in length.